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Young Justice Reborn Arc One: Origins & Unity - Part 1, e Aqua, Green, Girl 12/21/16 (Date started and finished) 12/27/16 (Original Uploaded) 7/25/17 (Re-edit). Young Justice belongs to bo Cartoon Network and DC Comics. e little geniuses. Love em bo. However, e OC in is story known as, Arinna/Project A, is mine. Wahoo! Alright everyone, a new fanfic. I've been making a lot lately. It is Summer ough, so I want to keep myself busy! Cartoons: Young Justice fanfiction archive wi over 19,490 stories. Come in to read, write, review, and interact wi o er fans. e Team (Young Justice) Batman. fa er son fanfic. Young Justice and e Batfamily in General. Everyone knew about e Batman, some people ought he was simply a my, a tale told by ose in Go am to give emselves hope, some claimed him to be real, some to be not human. Charles Xavier was not some, he knew e Batman was real, he knew. In e world of Young Justice, he realizes e best way to honor his friends is to help protect e world he now inhabits. Sharingan and badass Naruto. Rated: T - English - Adventure - Chapters: 5 - Words: 5,928 - Reviews: 24 - Favs: 132 - Follows: 171 - Updated: 11/9/ - Published: /15/ - Naruto U. Teen Titans and Young Justice crossover fanfiction archive wi over 346 stories. Come in to read stories and fanfics at span multiple fandoms in e Teen Titans and Young Justice universe. Young Justice crossover fanfiction archive. Come in to read stories and fanfics at span multiple fandoms in e Young Justice universe. FanFiction. Just. Community. Forum. More All Young Justice Crossovers. Teen Titans 393. Danny Phantom 241. Naruto 226. Batman 143. Percy Jackson and e Olympians 7. Harry. Young Justice (Cartoon) (3) Batman and Robin (Comics) (3) DCU (2) Titans (Comics) (2) Include Characters Dick Grayson (34) Jason Todd (30) Bruce Wayne (23) Damian Wayne (23) Tim Drake (22) Alfred Pennywor (18) Stephanie Brown (7) Wally West (6) Cassandra Cain (6) Barbara Gordon (5) Include Relationships. Fandoms: Young Justice (Cartoon), Young Justice - All Media Types, Young Justice (Comics), Teen Titans (Animated Series), Titans (Comics) General Audiences. No Archive nings Apply. F/M, M/M, Gen. Work in Progress. 02 . She never had e chance after Tula died. Tula, also known as Aquagirl, and also her teacher. After Jasmine Karr found out she was half human and half Atlantean after San Diego sunk into e ocean she's been getting use to her new underwater life. Ar ur Curry, Aquaman and his wife Mera took in e young girl. 1: waking up restrained (titans series) 2: pick who dies (young justice) 3: forced to eir knees (ABO) 4: caged (*) (AU shifters) 5: failed escape (ABO) 6: get it out (flashpoint) 7: carrying (arkham knight) 8: abandoned (*) (shifters) 9: take me instead (robin) : blood loss 11: defiance ( (AU slave) 12: broken trust (titans series. Ben e Justice Leaguer by Triceratops 69.1K 1.5K 37 Ben tennyson, saviour of e universe billions of times, stopped e universe from getting destroyed, and stabbed Vilgax wi a sword carried by an old man who died. Ma. Set directly after Young Justice: Outsiders, e Team enlists e help of Jo h Joey Wilson, a brilliant, but socially awkd inventor, to create in ative new gadgets for em at would aid e young heroes in eir battles against e Light and o er super-villains. However, despite his razor-sharp intellect and phenomenal craftsmanship. FanFiction. Just. Community. Forum. e silencer, vixen, lana lang, under, tula/aqua girl, killer frost (Arkham), Saman a Vanaver (court of owls film) / c4 bloodline 69 is story is good e next chapters are going to be interesting leading up to e big reveal of who is red hood What will happen when e league or young. young justice young justice outsiders garfield logan beast boy queen perdita brion kov geo force violet harper halo gardita briolet haloforce cartoon fandoms cartoon characters favorite characters cartoon love love bo of ese pairings involving royalty! best part is bo of ese are official! hope for no ing but. e Justice league, e Team, Slade, e Teen Titans and some surprise guests from e future are ga ered to watch e Titans lives in and out of e masks. I have twisted a lot of ings including e timelines backstories and e.t.c. One last ing: Disclaimer: I do not own e Teen Titans, Young Justice or e Justice League. Dc Comics do. Feb 18,  · Shadow (Young Justice fanfiction) 11.7K 651 607. Wally West escapes from e speed force and attempts to catch up wi everyone he used to know. Except a certain someone is no where to be found. at someone is Night Knowing Family. 50.6K 1.7K 1.6K. Notes At one point between y 4, 20 to uary 1, At one point between uary 1, to uary 1, As of y 4, . A young ninja, living a ent life on e streets of Japan, has now sparked e attention of e Justice League. After earning her trust, ey take her back to live wi em to help fight crime. A little bit of time passes by and she is now on a team wi protégés of e Justice League. Tula was an Atlantean and e object of Kaldur's affections. A former star student at e Conservatory of Sorcery, she eventually adopted e alias Aquagirl and joined e Team. Her dea on a mission hit Kaldur hard. Contents[show] History Early life Tula was e childhood friend and former crush of Kaldur'ahm. She studied along wi Gar and Kaldur at e Conservatory of Sorcery in Atlantis. e Storm: A Young Justice FanFict by Maece 3K 3.9K 38 When e Day arrives for four young heroes, Stormwind, an unknown 13 year old superhero, wants no ing more an to . Kaldur'ahm (Atlantean: Kαλδυρ'αμ, Aqualad, born argelion 13, 152,509 / 28, 1994) is e former protégé of Aquaman, operating as Aqualad by his king's side and as first leader of e Team, waiting until Nightwing (Robin I) was mature enough to take his place. He worked under deep cover as e loyal lieutenant of his fa er, Black Manta, to bring down e Light and eir. Tula (Atlantean: Tυλα, Aquagirl, Gamelion 11, 152,509 / uary 26, 1994 - An esterion 3rd, 152,524 / February 18, ) was an Atlantean superhero under e name Aquagirl. She studied Atlantean sorcery at e Conservatory of Sorcery under Queen Mera, and was in a romantic relationship wi Gar before her dea. She served wi e Team until her dea in battle against Tiamat. Tula. Miss tian is a member of e Team. Powers and Abilities tian Physiology. is is e story of how Tula of e young justice team died saving everyone from an ancient alien named Tiamat. Tula (Atlantean Tυλα, 1994-February 18, 201. is can be Batman, Teen Titan, Young Justice and more! e category will say Young Justice ough because most time travel stories are in at category. English - Staff: 0 - Followers: 67 - Since: 11-29-13 - Founder: Browniesare ebest. is is what I fuzzily remember at is Young Justice/Worm stuff at hasn't been mentioned. Hello, Taylor! - One shot, Young Justice Power eft. We are Legion - I remember is one vaguely. I'm going to reread is anyway. Violence is my fist language - It's apparently e sequel at I didn't know about. 16,  · Young Justice Rp 3.2K Welcome to e world of Young Justice, set a year after e first season. Here you can create OC heroes and Villains and help create your own missions and story arcs, operate on a date time schedule so you can follow how your . However, it does draw material from Young Justice, Teen Titans and o er DC Comics series. Peter David, chief writer of e Young Justice comic, is also one of e show's writers. ning: Due to e series being heavy on Wham Episodes while having a constantly shifting status quo, e series is prone to former spoilers becoming common knowledge. Any Young Justice story wi an OC in it. Stories at are not one-shots will only be kept if updated at least once every two mon s. English - Staff: 0 - Followers: 0 - Since: 09-30-12 - . 07,  · Hmm, pretty much all as expected from e Iris Confrontation scene. He said e last bit more vehemently an e rest as if remembering some ing he’d ra er forget. Extraneous endquote. at would explain why my fight wi e Rouges was easier an normal. Rogues. e title says it all. Over a half a million views you guys are incredible! 14,  · Even if viewers of Young Justice had never heard of Jason Todd, or any o er Robin an Dick Grayson or Tim Drake, e show itself gave em all e information needed.In Season 2 of Young Justice e heroes ga er in e underground cave serving as a memorial to ose Justice League heroes who fell in battle. Among e holograms were Blue Beetle, Aquagirl, and an . Proof at e remaining is wor being whelmed for here.. ese are recommendations made by Tropers for Young Justice fanfics, bo e series, and e comics, all of which have to be signed to stay on e page.Feel free to add a fanfic of your own to e list, but remember to use e template found here.. You can also add to e current recommendations if you want. Enjoy e videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all wi friends, family, and e world on YouTube. Miss tian meets Mad Mod is a fanfiction episode of Young Justice. Batman sends Miss tian on a solo mission to take down a supervillain known as Mad Mod while her teammates go on a mission to stop a group of supervillains from stealing tech from Star Labs. It's wonderful at e Young Justice fanbase has grown so. And at's just why I ided to talk wi you all. Our affiliate, has asked for a small plug, and I plan to deliver. Many of you have some sort of original character connected to Young Justice. e proof is located in our 'Original Stories' folder! Young Justice fanfic - Second Chances chapter 3Chapter ree - Recognition Kaldur put a smile on his face – forced, he knew, and he knew Tula could point at out too, just as his mo er would if she was ever around and had raised him. He's alive, and fine. Retired as me, answered e atlantian. Oh, I'm glad, she smiled, but just a bit. Browse rough and read completed popular young justice fanfiction stories and books. Browse rough and read completed popular young justice fanfiction stories and books. Sign up Log. Romance Action Robin Adventure Young Justice. Sabrina is Predator. New hero and protégé of Green Arrow. She's e younger sister of Artemis. Fanfiction Humor Funny Robin Batman Banter Shenanigans Young Justice Jason Todd Red Hood Nighting e Team Watchtower Garfield Logan Batfam M Gann M Orzz Crack At Some Points Garfield was cut off by M'gann grabbing his wrist and flying out of e room as fast as she could.

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