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Feb 24,  · Andrea be a common girls name, but e moniker, funnily enough, actually means strong and manly, according to Name Berry. e name originated in Italy as e female form of Andrew.Au or: Laura Hanrahan. 25,  · Trudy is a girl’s name at means universal streng it is of German origin. 12.Gabriella e name Gabriella is a very strong and beautiful name. It is . Wi girl names at mean strong, your little one will have a hidden nugget of power in her back pocket at all times. Strong baby girl names get eir power by association like e mighty Aphrodite, A ena, and Artemis. Such names have histories at bolster eir streng, setting em apart from e dainty monikers often seen today. ese strong female names are a great way to claim your little one’s . Apr 04,  · It is a Greek originated name of a beautiful girl. e meaning of e name is meaning one who is knowledgeable. 24. Kiara. Kiara is a Italian inspired female name which pronounced as kee-AR-É. It means bright, intelligent, s t. We also love e name Nike, after e Greek Goddess of streng, speed and victory. Ano er beautiful name is A ena, after e Roman goddess of and wisdom. Let’s not forget Luna, who was. Strong Girl Names. Adira. e name Adira is a girl's name of Hebrew origin meaning strong. Adira is one of ose rare names at's bo exotic and simple. Pronounced Aila. e name Aila is a girl's name meaning from e strong place. Now at Isla Fisher has pushed her once-obscure name into. 04,  · Oakley or Oaklyn means strong, beautiful, and trustwor y . It can also mean Strong little girl . Feb 20,  · If you wish your baby girl to grow into a strong woman, name her Qadriyyah, which means at. Abigail Meaning: Wi Hebrew origin, Abigail means to 'Give Joy'. Acacia Meaning: Wi Greek origin, Acacia means 'Guileless' and 'Honorable'. Aimee Meaning: A beloved friend in French!. Alexandria Meaning: Wi Greek origin, Alexandria is a feminine version of Alexander, which means 'Defender of Men'. Amber Meaning: Wi English origin, Amber is a jewelled name, from e yellowish resin Au or: Shannon Blanks. us you want to choose e best and good meaning name ere. If you are finding a hard time getting e best Italian names for baby girls, you are just in luck because is article gives you 0 beautiful Italian girl names wi eir meanings. Check em out! See Also: 0 Trendy French Names And eir Beautiful Italian Girl Names. 1. Isa – e German name for a strong-willed girl Jaiyana – e Arabic name for streng Kendra – It is a beautiful name at means en usiastic power or wise ruler Karla – A French name at means strong. . 16,  · e name is borrowed from e name of e actual city of Valencia, one of Spain's oldest, biggest, and most beautiful cities, but it makes for a very natural and beautiful baby girl's name. On top of at, e actual meaning of e name Valencia means brave, strong, and heal y. ese are a few of e powerful options you can choose from: Adira - is simple and lovely Hebrew name means strong. Audelia - A gorgeous English options, is means streng and nobility. Audrey - is French name means noble streng. Breanna - is powerful Irish name means streng.. 12,  · Audra is from an English name at means noble streng. is name was popular in Scotland and became famous because of e singer, Audra McDonald. In e United States, Audrey is often a more popular version because of e famed actress, Audrey Hepburn. 2. 09,  · Baby Girl Names In Sanskrit. Abhaya: Fearless. Akshita: Wonder girl. Ambar: e sky. Amrita: Spiritual holy water. Avantika: Queen. Dhara: Constant flow. Divya: Divine. Jyotsna: Radiant like flames. Karishma: Miracle. Mohini: Most beautiful. Feb 17,  · It is also e Greek version of e name Emily . It is a beautiful girl name at means streng. Alexa. e feminine version of Alexander, is comes from e Greek word Alexandros where alexa means to defend , and aner means man . erefore, Alexa means defender of man . Al ia. 17,  · Bella – Ano er form of Isabella, a girl’s name of Italian origin meaning beautiful . Bridget – Of Irish origin meaning streng or exalted one . Camille – Of French origin meaning young ceremonial attendant . Caroline – Feminine form of Charles, a name of French origin meaning . 26,  · Unique Baby Girl Names And Meanings. ere are so many ings to keep in mind while inking of e best name for your baby girl. Some names have become associated wi certain movie characters or cartoons and can be a reason for bullying. Apr 04,  · Perhaps its meaning — little and fiery — is why e Irish name Aiden has become so popular in recent years. e name originates from Aodh, e Celtic god of e sun, ough ere are. 21,  · e beautiful name of Ines evokes a sense of calm, along wi a feeling of power. It is e perfect name for so many adorable baby girls. Ines is a Greek name meaning pure, holy, and island. How cute is at? For an alternative, Ines can be spelled Inez, which is of Spanish origin. Actress Blake Lively named her dhter Inez. Baby names at mean beautiful come from a range of cultures and represent a variety of styles. Beautiful baby names might literally mean beauty or beautiful, such as Astrid and Bella, but also includes ose wi meanings like handsome and fair. Along wi Astrid and Bella, o er names meaning beautiful in e US Top 00 include Alana, Beau, Bonnie, Ingrid, Jamal, Jolie, Memphis, . 13,  · Cute Middle Names for Girls. Adele: French for tender and kind Alice: Noble and tru ful Belle: French for beautiful Blair: One who dwells in e plains Bree: Strong and full of virtue Brooke: A gentle stream Caprice: French for whimsical Cerise: French for cherry Dawn: As bright as e morning rays Fawn: Sweet and innocent Fern: Fresh like e fern plant Leigh: English for delicate or meadow. Looking for a strong baby name for your little one at will grow wi her from e playground to e boardroom? It could be tricky. A girl name sound fierce, but when you look up e definition, it mean some ing quite e opposite of e vibe you’re going for. We get it, you want your little one to exude streng, confidence, and be unique all at once. 17,  · Naming a new baby can be an exciting if daunting task. Choosing a traditional Hebrew name for your dhter can foster a strong, m connection to tradition, and girls' names in Hebrew also reflect many wonderful meanings. is list is a resource for e meanings behind e names and eir connections to e Jewish fai.You're sure to find a name at's best for you and your family. 08,  · Re kable Native American Baby Girl Names and eir Meanings. Native American names are some of e most meaningful names and a lot of consideration and ought goes into choosing one. We have provided a list of some of e most popular Native American girl names along wi eir meanings. Apr 29,  · be you'd like a name at translates to strong in some way, or some ing at means ano er word, like flower or star. Ei er way, a meaningful name . 14,  · ere are many different ways to say love depending on languages and cultures. ere are love names for girls AND for boys. For names meaning love, look below at e list for some endearing inspiration. Sweetest Baby Names at Mean Love (Wi Meanings) Boy names at mean love. Amadeus. Meaning: Latin name for lover of God. Amado. Girl Names at Mean Beautiful and Some ing Else. Many baby girl names are formed by combining two or more words in a single language. If you want a name at means some ing like strong and beautiful or s t and beautiful, check out ese combo names. 09,  · e Meanings Behind ese Baby Girl Names Are Gorgeous. by Kim Grundy. But fear not: We’ve rounded up a ton of beautiful baby girl names wi great meanings you’re going to love. 27,  · 50 beautiful Irish girls names and eir meanings It has strong patriotic overtones and has only been in use since e 1920s. 4. Ciara (kee-ra) is name mean can ei er mean . 27,  · 200+ Chinese Baby Girl Names and Meanings. Are you looking for a name for your beautiful baby girl? If so, congratulations! Perhaps you are looking for a traditional Chinese name or a modern name. Choose from e 200+ popular name ideas at follow. 16,  · 466 Japanese Girls’ Names (And What ey Mean) By Jerome London Updated e 16, Nearly 500 Japanese girls’ names. Miyoko — beautiful child of a beautiful generation. 262. Miyu — beautiful tru. 263. Miyuki — snow. 264. Mizuki — beautiful moon. 265. Moe — budding. 266. Momiji — red leaves. Baby names for your little girl meaning strong. If you’re having a little girl, why not take a look rough our name choices at mean strong. However you are going about choosing your baby’s name, it’s great to know e meaning of e name you are planning to go wi. 02,  ·. Adira. ere’s a film called Adira about a Jewish girl’s fight to survive during e Holocaust, and it’s e name of a fierce, sword-wielding rior in e animated Disney series Rapunzel’s Tangled Adventure, so clearly e value of its meaning (strong and mighty ) hasn’t escaped pop culture. 2. Gesine. is is a German name meaning spear of streng — so. 05,  · e name has been one of e top 500 baby names in e United States since 2009 and is a combination of e names Anna meaning gracious and Belle meaning beautiful. Surprisingly, Annabella is one of Hungary's most popular baby girl names, but it . 21,  · While most Chinese girl names have very peaceful and beautiful meanings—Fan’s one of e rare choices at are a little bolder. It means dangerous or le al. Fen. 08,  · Vashti: One more unique Persian name which has e meaning beautiful. Zinnia: is exotic flower name also has e meaning beautiful. Rosaleen: Ano er exclusive pick for your baby girl, is names denotes beautiful. Shayna: Try out is unique and lilting name for your little darling, which has e meaning beautiful. . 03,  · Today, Christian parents continue to value e ancient custom of choosing a biblical name wi important significance for e life of eir child. is collection of biblical girl names brings toge er actual names from e Bible and names derived from biblical words, including e language, origin, and meaning of e name (see also Baby Boy. 21,  · But aside from e medley of beautiful singular meaning names and names wi fashionable suffixes, ere is ano er popular trend in Japanese names for girls. Recently ere has been a rise in popularity for Japanese girl names at are very short such as Rei, Yui, Aoi, and Rio. ,  · Popular Italian girl names include Sofia, Aurora, Isabella, and Gabriella. For your baby girl, you can also consider unique Italian names like Aida, Aria, Eloisa, and Lucia. For more inspiration, check out e list of e best Italian girl names below. Best Italian Girl Names (Wi Meanings) For Your Beautiful Baby. Abriana. Meaning: Fa er of. Most notably, female viking names have strong meanings behind em. ese are names made wi power and fit brave little girls tremendously. If you have a pint-sized fighter, check out yra, meaning or’s battle, or Ulla, meaning determination. Ebbe means strong, while Vivika means fortress. As you can see. 02,  · Below is a list of some of e popular Korean girls names you want to use to name your dhter: Dae: e great one Ae-Cha: Affectionate dhter Ahnjong: Peacefulness Bae: Inspiration Gi: e brave one Hana: My favourite Jin Ae: Tru, treasure, and love Mi Cha: My beautiful baby girl Soo: Charitable and noble dhter Yun: Lotus flower Similar to Chinese names, often Korean female names. 22,  · Baby girl flower names are common amongst parents who are choosing names for eir new bundle of joy. Al ough e possibilities are almost endless, ese floral baby names are some of e best monikers at you can give your future dhter — full of grace, meaning, and beautiful . Mingmei bright and beautiful girl. 27,  · Well, unique Korean girl names often come wi subtle nuances in eir meanings. Often, Korean names are made up of two Sino-Korean morphemes, like Chinese names, except in Korean, e first word is e surname, while e second is e individual name. 28,  · If youre inking about what to name your new baby, consider ese baby names at sound great, and also happen to mean beautiful.Au or: Simplemost. Take a look at e most popular Spanish girl names. In e following table, we show you e most beautiful Scottish girls names, eir meaning, and we even show you if ey are e most popular ones or not. Check out e best black baby girl names to consider in .

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