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Follow/Fav Meeting e Dursleys. By: WordsRevery ing. In preperation for Harry and Ginny's wedding everyone had agreed at e Dursleys should be invited. along wi an invitation to stay at e Burrow. How will e Dursleys cope in e wizarding world? Darting out e door, Lucy goes in search for a few dresses. Well is is nice. Petunia had always ought her sister was a freak since Lily had attended Hogts School of Witchcraft and Wizarding for e last 7 years. Vernon Dursley, however, knew no ing about Lily’s abnormality and simply hated Lily because his wife did. Sighing to herself, Lily followed e Dursleys . Good Dursley Family (Harry Potter) (57) Albus Dumbledore Bashing (16) Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence (11) Good Severus Snape Good Petunia Evans Dursley (8) Magical Dudley Dursley (7) Alternate Universe (6) Nice Vernon Dursley (6) Good Dudley Dursley (6) Out of Character (5) O er tags to exclude More Options Crossovers. Include. e Dursleys' watched e boy cry, ey hadn't seen him cry since he was just a baby. In 1996, e battle wi e Dea Eaters and Lord Voldemort continues. Rumors spread at Harry Potter is e chosen one. 31,  · So Kelly said at Harry could have a sleep over here every o er day during e week and always on e weekend. Shannon ought it was a wonderful idea. When ey suggested e idea to e Dursley's, ey weren't happy about it but ey let Harry go anyway. If Harry could say it, it would have been e best four years of his life.Reviews: 91. Harry smiled. Mrs. Dursley, before your late sister was murdered, she and her husband formed a company called HJP Enterprises. Mrs. Dursley gasped in shock as e enormity of e situation hit her. Harry went on, In fact, I am now Nobility in e British magical world, Mrs. Dursley, and in your world I believe at I am e world's richest. 22, 2009 · Posts about Payback to e Dursleys written by anonymagus. Jaded Eyes of a Prodigy – wickedlfairy17. ch 22, 2009 at 1:01 pm (0.000 - 200.000 Words, Adoption, Harry's Childhood Before Hogts, Harry's Years of Hogts, Heir to Morgan Le Fey, Independent, Intelligent Protaginist, Manipulative Dumbledore, Mild Abuse, Muggle Hating, New Names, O er Schools, Payback to e Dursleys. Dear Mr. and Mrs. Dursley, We are pleased to inform you at your nephew, Harry Potter, is graduating from Hogts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry on e 24. Your family. will be taken to Hogts one week prior to graduation. Please send your reply, via owl, back at is address. by e of e. Yours sincerely, Horace Slughorn. Harry held up a hand. Don't bo er. I'm leaving, never to return, Dursley. Which, I'm sure, is exactly what you want anyway. He stepped over to e front door and pulled it open. Wi out turning, he said, You heard at list at Dobby gave. Of all my titles, salutations, and honorifics, ere are two at I treasure most, Dursley. Find e hottest dursleys stories you'll love. Read hot and popular stories about dursleys on Wattpad. 03,  · Search, watch, and cook every single Tasty recipe and video ever - all in one place! Harry divides his life between e Dursleys' house and Mr. Black's bookshop I don't read fanfiction. e Dursleys are really abusive but ey don't know he's ere. Harry knows he's ere, but protects Draco by not telling em. Whilst he's ere, he hides (in a cupboard, under e bed, wherever, but in at room), and he and Harry become friends and eventually more (preferably after ey leave e Dursleys). ,  · AU. Yes, e old Snape retrieves Harry from e Dursleys formula. I just had to write one. Every ing changes, because e best revenge is living well. T for Mentor Snape's occasional nhty language. [fanfiction.net] Vernon gets quite good at stage magic and constantly tries to impress e Potters wi his tricks whenever ey meet up. Having magical abilities wasn't normal, not at all, he didn't know why he had ese powers, but one ing was he did know, was to not tell his parents. Barry Dursley is e fraternal twin to Dudley Dursley, Barry is a kind-hearted boy, opposite of his annoying bro er who acts like no ing m. Dudley Dursley and e Quest for Tru by books. When Dudley Dursley and his parents are forced to spend a year wi -gasp!- witches and wizards, Dudley ides is is e opportunity to learn more about his apparently famous cousin. Potterwatch, tall tales and magic, oh my! Rating changed for safety. FanFiction. Just. Community. Forum. More. for Meet e Dursleys. 1/ / c1 wtfer WTF? Sucks - Dumbledore is dead! 11/24/20 c4 24 Clueingforluce omg its luna! really good story. 3/23/20 c noell it was a wouderful story one of e best i have ever read so please dont let what lalaland say get to u you shoud continue writing go after. Adult-FanFiction.Org is not in any way associated wi or related to FanFiction.Net Adult-FanFiction.org (AFF, e site), its owners, agents, and any o er entities related to Adult-FanFiction.org or e AFF forum take no responsibility for e works posted to e Adult-FanFiction.org by its members. 28,  · Harry Potter: Fanfiction Headcanons at Became Widely Accepted By e Fandom. Fans take canon and expand upon it, making e universe even bigger. Sirius, and Remus were e closest ing he had to family, ranking above e Dursleys, who were blood relations. One headcanon at exists to lessen e pain of so much loss acknowledges. In Harry Potter and e Half-Blood Prince, when Dumbledore visits Privet Drive to pick up Harry, he tells e Dursleys. You did not do as I asked. You have never treated Harry as a son. He has known no ing but neglect and often cruelty at your hands. e best at can be said is at he has at least escaped e appalling damage you have inflicted upon e unfortunate boy sitting between you. Harry certainly didn't have love for e Dursleys, I don't ink it would have done Voldy any good to use em to get to Harry. But e Dursleys did take a liking to Kingsly Shacklebot(because he knew how to dress proper), so after Kingsly done his duties of getting Harry out safely, be e OotP sent him to take care of e muggles. Sum y - e Dursleys ide to not keep Harry Potter and leave him on e steps of a church. A wizarding Gypsy couple adopts him, giving him e name of Alexander Roma, and making him e twin bro er to eir dhter. ings change from ere. Please r&r. Harry Potter and Severus Snape nonslash stories! SS&HP GEN ONLY (no SS/HP slash). Fa er and son, teacher, apprentice, mentor, guardian, comrades, enemies, healing, canon, deaging, adoption, Sevitus (biological fa er Snape), Severitus Challenge, and family stories. Ano er search rough my email found it. Realizations by Wishweaver. e description from e TV Tropes Fanfic Recs page: A Harry Potter fic set in e summer after Goblet of Fire — Harry comes back from Hogts to discover e Dursleys have packed up and moved to Australia wi out telling him, and he must find a way to survive e summer wi out unnecessarily alarming anyone. e first meeting between Lily, her boyfriend James Potter, and e engaged couple, went badly, and e relationship nose-dived from ere. James was amused by Vernon, and made e mistake of showing it. Vernon tried to patronise James, asking what car he drove. James described his racing broom. Peyton Michelle Potter, born on April 19 1981, is e younger sister of Harry James Potter. She is a Halfblood witch and began her education at Hogts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in e year 1992. Peyton is e youngest of e two children born to Lily Potter (Née Evans) and James Potter. Peyton was born only 6 mon s before her parents were brutally murdered by Lord Voldemort on. A Different Dursley Family by Lucillia is a Harry Potter For Want of a Nail fanfiction wi e nail being a prank Vernon did as a schoolboy in Smeltings, more specifically e consequences. In canon Vernon successfully framed ano er student for beheading a rival school's statue. In is fic Vernon was cht and expelled, and was humbled by e result.. is means a different Vernon Dursley. 24,  · JK Rowling has revealed e back story behind e Dursleys’ violent dislike of eir nephew Harry Potter in a new piece of writing for her website, Pottermore – . is letter was written by Molly Weasley to Vernon and Petunia Dursley on 23 ust, 1994, asking permission to take eir nephew, Harry, to e Quidditch World Cup. e letter was sent via Muggle Mail, and Molly, unfamiliar wi Muggle customs, covered e entire letter envelope wi stamps, save e part in which e address was written. Dear Mr and Mrs Dursley, We have never been introduced. e Dursleys take eir you were no ing but a burden argument to e courts. Who does e Hero of e Wizarding World turn to? e man who started his legal career wi a report on e proper ickness of potions cauldrons. is is a serious attempt at e oft-humorous plot. SBPOA Universe. e wedding of Vernon Dursley and Petunia Evans took place sometime in e last ird of 1977.1 e wedding celebration ked not only e beginning of Vernon and Petunia's riage, but also Petunia's final estrangement from her sister, Lily.2 1 History 1.1 Prelude to e wedding 1.2 Wedding 1.3 Afterma 2 Appearances 3 Notes and references At some point in e early1970s, Petunia left her. Sum y: Harry lives wi e Dursleys, but he has two best friends, a regular bunk at e Weasleys’, and a bright future riding horses. It’s unclear whe er crossing pa s wi Tom Riddle, super-rich kid and a skilled horseman himself, is good luck or bad. 22,  · e moment e Dursleys opened eir front door to find e one-year-old nephew ey pretended didn’t exist, lying on eir doorstep wi a note saying his parents were dead, and at he was now entrusted to eir care. You can imagine how rilled Vernon and Petunia Dursley were at day. 2. at fateful trip to e zoo. Characters Watch eir Movies fanfiction? I've seen quite a bit of 'characters watch e movies' fanfiction around, but I was wondering if anyone could recommend some good ones? A lot of e ones I've seen are just huge chunks of dialogue from e movies, . Vernon, Petunia, and Dudley Dursley. e Dursleys are e Muggle family at has raised Harry since he was orphaned when he was one year old. Petunia Dursley was e sister of Harry's mom Lily, but she couldn't be more different from her kindly, magical sister. e Dursleys are as bigoted about wizards as e Malfoys are about Muggles. 01,  · NING: is will contain fanfiction, fetish and o er odd stuff. If you’re uncomfortable wi all of ese, step back Half an hour later, Petunia Dursley was still in her normal living room, wi e potion in her hands. She was still trying to recollect her oughts. e Dursleys, from left, Richard Griffi s as Uncle Vernon, Harry Melling as Dudley, Fiona Shaw as Aunt Petunia, wi Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter. ner Bros. All Harry knows is a miserable life wi e Dursley's, his horrible aunt and uncle, and eir abnormal son, Dudley. I'm looking for a Harry Potter fanfic, can't remember if it's on AO3 or Fanfic. Dolores Umbridge sees at once again, Harry Potter makes a mess at her school. e Dursleys' meet Harry friends and watch a presentation. Search for: 394 Harry Was Not Raised By e Dursleys FanFiction. 31.. By fizum. Harry Hayd Life, Crimes, Dying Confession and Execution of e.

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