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ank you for your interest in e Legion of y and in e local Immaculate Conception Curia of Mobile, Alabama. I invite you to look around our website and get a feel for what e Legion of y is all about. Legionaries dedicate eir lives—even eir whole being—in e service of Jesus Christ rough e Blessed Virgin y. 28,  · Consolata Curia: A y Day , scheduled to take place in April, was hosted in e via e internet using Zoom. e title of e conference was A New World of y , a . Legion of y, St, ustine Curia, Home Page Index ere are no pop-ups on is website, if you get one, close it immediately! e Concilium Legionis ia has requested at e prayer for e beatification of Frank Duff be said at e end of each meeting following e closing prayers and be said each day by all members active and auxiliary. It has been active in e United States since 1931, has been approved by e last 6 Popes, and was endorsed by e Second Vatican Council. e main purpose of e Legion of y is to give glory to God rough e sanctification of its members. About e Members Members meet once a week for prayer, planning and discussion in a family setting. e unit of e Legion of y is called a praesidium, which holds a weekly meeting, where prayer is intermingled wi reports and discussion. Persons who wish to join e Legion must apply for membership in a Praesidium. e Curia is a governing body of two or more praesidia in a district. e first meeting of e Legion of y took place in Myra House, Francis Street, Dublin, Ireland, on 7 , 1921. Saint ustine Curia Download Site 1st Meeting Attendees Directory Form Praesidium Annual Report Outline - NEW! 3 Different Formats - PDF, DOC, ODT Link to Legion of y International Headquarters, Comcilium ia Legionis, Dublin, Ireland. CURIA DIRECTORY. CALENDAR. AGENDA. 08,  · legion of y Events e & y. E 1st Meeting of Immaculata Comiitum Officers’ meeting at Frank Duff House, 14 Cliftonville Road at 5.30 pm. e setting of every meeting shall be uniform. e members should sit around a table at one end of which for e purpose of e meeting a small temporary altar is erected. On a white clo of sufficient size is placed a statue of e Immaculate Conception (in e attitude of e distribution of Graces), preferably about two feet (60 cm) high - flanked by two vases of flowers and two candlesticks wi lighted . e Legion of y is e largest apostolic organization of lay people in e Ca olic Church, wi well over 3 million active members in almost every country of e world. It has been active in e United States and Canada since 1931, has been approved by e last . It is allowed and recommended to purchase candles and flowers for e weekly meeting. If suitable flowers are available for $5, spending $15 would be wasteful. It is allowed, and is Legion policy, to have a Mass celebrated for an active member who dies and annually to have a Mass celebrated in ember for eased members of e Legion of y. 1. Attend e meetings of e Curia.. Attend e meetings of e Curia. 2. Furnish Praesidium wi a report of 2. Acquaint yourself wi e duties of e e Curia meeting. President. 3. Conduct e Praesidium meeting. 3. Train new members in e Legion rule. 4. Give e alocutio in e absence of e and spirit. Spiritual Director. 4. k and call e roll at each meeting. 5. 07,  · ober Curia Meeting e Legion of y is a lay apostolic association of Ca olics who, wi e sanction of e Church and under e powerful leadership of y Immaculate, Mediatrix of All Graces, serve e Church and eir neighbour on a voluntary basis in about 170 countries. 31,  · Home page, Legion of y, Waterford Curia. Menu. LEGION OF MA RY. OUR LADY OF WATERFORD CURIA. Last updated: ober 31st . MEET E LEGION. Allocutio at ust Concilium Meeting by Fr.P aul Churchill ***** A OUGHT A DAY. WI FRANK DUFF. Quotations from his writings compiled. by Tommy McCabe. Legion of y Directory Date: Council Name: Circle one Senatus Regia Comitium Curia Praesidium Diocese: Meeting Schedule: Mon ly Weekly Day of e Week Time Meeting Address: Name / Address Phone e-mail Spiritual Director President Expiration Date: Vice President Expiration Date: Secretary Expiration Date: Treasurer. Legion of y,London Westminster. e curia meeting is held every 2nd Saturday of e mon at Our Lady of e Rosary Church. 211 Old ylebone Road, London, NW1 5QT. When you give a Praesidium report at e Curia meeting, please be sure to include e following: membership (i.e. of seniors, iors, intermediates, auxiliaries, recruiting contacts, guests, vacancies). Legion of y Praesidium Self-Assessment e Legion wishes perfection of membership to be estimated according to exact Do e officers fai fully attend e mon ly Curia meeting? (pp. 212, 216, 218, 220) Do e officers meet toge er at least once a year to plan for e. A council designated by e Concilium to exercise au ority over e Legion of y in a large region, and ranking next in status to a Senatus, shall be called a Regia. Comitium Where it is found necessary to confer on a Curia, in addition to its own proper functions, certain powers of superintendence over one or several Curiae, such higher. Apr 30,  · Kilmore Curia: e Curia is organising a Mass for Venerable Edel Quinn to k e 75 Anniversary of her dea. Fr. Tom McKiernan, Spiritual Director, is to give a talk on her heroic life and work for e Legion of y. Clonmacnoise Curia has 2 praesidia and most of e members are elderly. Over long periods efforts at recruiting have not produced any new members. eir first official meeting was held February 3, . Fa er Dan had experience wi e Legion of y while in e seminary and was quite anxious to bring e Legion of y to his parish. Meetings are held every Sunday from 11:45 am to 1:00 pm at St. y's Parish Center in Geneseo. Additional members are desired. A: e two pri y classes of Legion membership are active members and auxiliary members. Active members attend a Legion meeting once a week and perform works of service (typically about 2 hours a week). Auxiliary members instead pray e rosary and e prayers of e Legion of y (e Tessera) for e intentions of e Blessed Mo er and bolster e efforts of e active members rough eir prayers. Legion of y Meeting: ursdays 5:30 pm-7:00 pm at Nazare Room of e school next to e Rectory. address 215 Falls Ave. Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio AKRON CENTRAL CURIA: Saint Andrew e Apostle Church, 4022 Johnson Rd., Norton, Ohio, 330-825-2617  Mon ly Curia Meeting: Second Sunday at 1:30 PM. e Legion of y, under e standard of y, is a Ca olic family organization of lay Ca olics who become instruments of e Holy Spirit rough prayer and work. Active members of e Legion of y meet weekly in a family setting for a prayerful meeting, and do two hours of active work in a spirit of prayer and in union wi y, our Mo er. ere are 4 newly established praesidia. Greenock Curia has 9 praesidia wi a total o 5 Active and 4 auxiliary members. Home visitation, book barrow and contact work were reported. Legion of y Contact. Bedfordshire. Christ e King Church. Harrowden Rd, Bedford MK42 0SP. Meetings:Saturdays am -Hall. President:Christopher Norfolk. e Legion of y. Meetings in Houston, Texas. Friends, Most of you have been recruited to be Auxiliary members of e Legion of y and ose of you who have not been recruited personally - consider is an invitation to become an Auxiliary - and who knows be some time in e future you want to become an active Legionaire. e Legion of y Form S MINUTES OF E MEETING - 1 - www.legionof Minutes of e _____ meeting of _____ Praesidium of e. 17,  · e Legion of y follows a structure based on e original organization from Dublin Ireland. e most basic structure in e Legion is e Praesidium, a group of Legionaries from e same parish or organization who meet wi each o er on a weekly basis.. Individual Praesidia ei er form part of a Curia at would report to e Comitium on eir behalf or report to e Comitium directly. For ose interested in e Legion of y but cannot attend e Monday meetings, consider becoming an Auxiliary Member. Auxiliary members do not undertake e active apostolate of weekly meetings and weekly two hour assignment, but ey assist e active Legionaries wi e Tessera Prayers, which consist of all e prayers of e weekly meeting. e first meeting of e Legion of y took place in Myra House, Francis Street, Dublin, Ireland, on 7 , 1921. is meeting was to have very beneficial consequences for e mission of e Ca olic Church and, in a special way, for millions of members of Christ’s lay fai ful who would serve in e Legion and for ose who would be served by e legionary apostolate. e unit of e Legion of y is called a praesidium, which holds a weekly meeting, where prayer is intermingled wi reports and discussion. Persons who wish to join e Legion must apply for membership in a Praesidium. O y, conceived wi out sin. Pray for us who have recourse to you. Legion of y. e objective of e Legion of y is to glorify God rough e holiness of its members, developed by prayer and active co-operation in y’s and e Church’s work. e unit of e Legion of y is called a praesidium, which holds a weekly meeting, where prayer is intermingled wi reports and discussion. e Legion sees as its priority e spiritual and social welfare of each individual. e Legion of y is an association of e Ca olic laity under e patronage of y, Mediatrix of all Graces. Membership is open to men and women, ried and single, and to boys and girls. Membership is called ‘Active’ when a person takes on e obligation of e weekly meeting of a Praesidium (local branch) and of e weekly work assigned. Legion of y, Linwood, NJ A lay organization honoring e Blessed Mo er, e Legion of y meets weekly to pray toge er and perform apostolic work. Members visit ill or elderly parishioners who are homebound, in hospitals, or in nursing homes, food bank, and o er good works. Meetings are held each Saturday at 9:00am at Our Lady of Sorrows, Linwood, NJ Church Annex. Legion of y. E LEGION OF Y. A WORK OF GOD FOR OUR DAY. By. E MOST REVEREND LEON J. SUENENS, D.D., and later, when a curia, e precursor of e Concilium, was formed, she became its first. president. Work was assigned to e members, each pair to visit a number of patients and report back at e next used in every Legion of y meeting, Our. Legion Of y N.E. Scarborough Curia Patrician meetings. ACT OF CONSECRATION TO E SACRED HEART OF JESUS AND TO E IMMACULATE HEART OF Y. A: Begun in 1921, e Legion of y is now a world-wide apostolic organization of Ca olic men and women who place emselves under e banner of y, Queen of e Legion. Wi e inspiration and guidance of e Holy Spirit ey strive to develop greater spirituality in eir lives while practicing e spiritual works of mercy. Time Commitment: Active members attend a weekly meeting and perform a weekly work obligation of two hours. Each day auxiliary members pray e Rosary along wi Legion prayers. For information, contact Beverly omson, b [email protected], 919-781-7989. Curia meeting by :30 – so you can prepare e flowers for e altar prior to e start of e meeting. 2. Early Arrival to e Meeting: e praesidium president should also arrive early – by :30, to deliver your reports to e curia president and secretary and to discuss any necessary questions. 3. e meeting opens wi invocation and prayer to e Holy Spirit, who is e source of at Grace, at Life, at Love, of which we rejoice to regard y as e channel. 4. ere follow five ades of e rosary, of which e Spiritual Director shall initiate e first, . If your Parish does not have a Legion group, you join in ano er nearby Parish, or email e Senatus (see Contact us), to find e location of a group near you. ere are also groups for ose who are foreign born, for example, a Korean Curia, or a Spanish speaking Praesidia. Next, show up at a meeting. e Comitium continues to hold a mon ly meeting as it had been doing when it was a Curia, except at now e mon ly meeting is called a Comitium meeting. (It is incorrect to describe it as a Comitium meeting only some mon s, for instance, when officers of affiliated Curiae are present, and to describe it as a Curia meeting o er mon s.). ior Praesidium: Our Lady of Victories - Our Lady of Piat Meeting at Donnybrook You Club, Dublin 4. e Legion of y is a lay ca olic organisation whose members are giving service to e Church on a voluntary basis in almost every country. e first meeting of e Legion of y took place in Myra House, Francis Street, Dublin, Ireland, on 7 , 1921. e Legion of y has been active at e Parish of Saint y, Mo er of e Church since e 1999. ere are two types of membership in e Legion: Active- Members who attend a weekly meeting centered around e Rosary and e Legion handbook and perform two hours of sapostolic work per week. Auxiliary-members are our praying members. Meeting. 18. O er Business: Curia report, upcoming Legion events, announcements and questions. 19. Kneel for e Concluding Prayers from e Tessera, and e final blessing from e Priest. Meeting Agenda e Legion of y. e Detroit Michigan Regia www.legionof rev.111416. Legion of y Prayers. Legion of y Prayers. What's Happening. Keep your members up to date on your church blog. Subscribe to posts. ch Curia Meeting posted 8, 9:15 PM by Zena tin Here is e agenda for e Curia meeting on y 14. Legion of y-Staten Island Curia ch 27. I reiterate to all my invitation to participate spiritually, rough e media, in e moment of prayer at which I will preside e day after tomorrow, Friday, at 6 p.m., in front of Saint Peter’s .

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