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Arnav gulped his roat as he couldn't fulfill her wish. Shyam was a cheat. And right now Arnav couldn't even support Khushi, due to his Di's heartbroken condition. Arnav just hugged his Di. And he didn't even notice a pair of eyes witnessing is scene from outside. Flashback ends. Khushi wiped her tears when she heard a knock on e door. Khushi and Arnav are lost in a gle when she uses e public toilet only to find her clo es stole Add to Watchlist. 2 min. Arnav is late because of Khushi. Arnav is late because of Khushi. While Arnav is in a hurry, Khushi finds different ways to make him late. Add to Watchlist. 30,  · Arnav looked over his mo er’s shoulder, meeting his fa er’s gaze as he stood wi a blank expression on his face. But soon after, Khushi and I agreed to give our relationship a chance. Dadi caressed his cheek, Sometimes destiny has a way of bringing two people toge er. 22,  · Arnav and Khushi cht on camera - Duration: 12:17. Telly Chakkar 1,229,352 views. 12:17. IPKKND sbs 18 Khushi NK performance on pyal sangeet - Duration: 5:35. 05,  · Arnav couldn’t believe he was meeting Khushi again and he can carry on meeting her while e whole wedding preparations were going on. Once ey got ere only e Raizada’s were surprised to see Arnav ere but only Anjali and Akash had a funny feeling why. e driver handed a note to Khushi. Sorry I had to rush for a meeting. Stay safe and look right and left before you cross e road. – Arnav ji Khushi raised an eyebrow as she folded e note and put it away even as Payal gave her a piercing look. She had a great many questions for her sister but it . 23,  · As for is chapter I loved how Arnav clearly told khushi not to smoke, not indulging her inking at eir relationship has just started and she might take an offense is shows his trust in eir relationship.also I was hoping at Arnav would reveal to khushi about his meeting wi her fa er and at NK is not too keen on. 01,  · Khushi Ku i Gupta don’t you dare. You barely have any makeup on. At least let e lipstick be. Look at me. I have put eye-shadow and bronzer on for Christ’s sake. Yes but it looks good on you, Lavi. You don’t understand. I look tacky in makeup. One tight slap in e face is what’s coming from me to you now. Hope Akash wi Khushi's help makes Arnav change his mind and listen to Birendra Singh Mallik and clear e misunderstandings he has. Loved Arnav and Khushi's moments during eir lunch. Finally, Khushi achieved her first success in befriending Arnav and Arnav wanting more from her and seeing friendship as e first step for him. Mainly Arnav asked Khushi out for several casual jalebi-dates, for which Khushi agreed wi out any hesitation. Initially, it was once a week, and en twice, and eventually ey started meeting almost every day, oblivious to o ers. especially Aman & Anjali. Arnav and Khushi returned from a meeting from Shimla to Delhi. When ey were in eir middle way, eir car broke down. Outside it was raining and undering. Arnav and Khushi came out from e car to search a shelter for staying e night. After 5 minutes distance, ey saw a hut. ey went tods it. Arnav Khushi Chapter 1 Arnav saw em, from a distance and felt sad at Annabelle was crying because of him, but he was happy at Khushi explained her and calmed her. It is pleasure meeting you. Khushi's mo er smiled. Same here, aunty, hope I can call you at, he said charmingly. Sure, son, she smiled at him brightly. 30,  · I just loved is whole family meeting & greeting. Top moment- common it has to b at searing 😘 😘.. Its good to get glimpse of Arnav, his childhood & dreams. Khushi & Arnav following each o er like ying to yang, surely confirmed it for family how invested ey are in each o er. Mr. Raizada, oh ho silent ones alwayz notice so much. 17,  · Khushi blushed profusely but she didn’t back down. I love you, Arnav Singh Raizada. You complete me I know, I know I borrowed e line from Jerry McGuire but trust me, I’m not inking of Tom Cru Stop talking, Khushi, said Arnav before pulling her back into his arms. I’m nervous. She spoke into his shirt. 24,  · Khushi and Arnav quiet e opposite. It's time e rules are rewritten. La definitely likes to dominate, probably enjoys it too. Takes me back to your clues about e characters. It is beautiful how Arnav and Khushi know each o er to e weirdest of ings. Pineapple 😉 at had me lhing. ey have a long distance to cover, it is a start. Arnav started e car after Khushi tied her seatbelt. Since e very first meeting she had left a k on his heart. A small girl standing up to an angry young boy wi out any fear of consequence! if so, he will distance himself from Khushi more and whatever e bond he is starting wi Khushi will be destroyed in e bud itself. Loved. Arnav looked at e crowd at cheered, agreeing wi him. I know at is is a business platform. But I can't help it. I'm going to share some ing personal. I want to ank someone for introducing me to is event. Arnav's eyes found Khushi standing by e pillar and he smiled at her. She looked beautiful. 30,  · Arnav and Khushi in is update seem like a vortex e magnitude and power at ey tend to hold over one ano er is some ing at ey emselves aren’t ae of. e yearning of Arnav to catch at moment alone wi Khushi just took my brea e away. It’s like he needed at dose of sunshine to get rough e party. 18,  · Arnav looked at Khushi and whispered, You don’t want to know. Khushi looked at him as well, and eir noses brushed against each o er. Khushi stood up straight. Ok, I will meet you outside in 5 minutes. Arnav stood up. Khushi stepped back and looked away. Arnav cut . Apr 30,  · Loved e introspectiveness of Arnav’s feeling and emotions for Khushi. It was a amazing journey of last 3-4 years of how and why Arnav kept away from khushi and now why he can’t. All at intensity came crashing down in greenhouse. I was all Arnav’s club until khushi showed us what an asshole he. Always e bossy, arrogant self. 22,  · Khushi getting her own back at Arnav and he immediately rushing to alleviate her pain when her hasty action causes a twinge in her knee are really moving e humor and pa os blend seamlessly while we enjoy e light-hearted moments, we are made ae at pain is not far away anks to e secrets Arnav is keeping from Khushi. Arnav and Khushi talk to Subscribe us at: Like us on Facebook: 30,  · Loved how Leia asked Arnav to go easy on her friend. She is such a swee eart who wants best for Khushi always. As long as Arnav and Khushi are surrounded by Leia, Aseem, and Ojas people like Axel can go to hell and give a damn about him. If he doesn’t stop his stupid mou of his Arnav will make sure he doesn’t open it in future. 06,  · Arnav, Khushi & NK s FUNNY INTERVIEW of Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 19 y . Bir Garip Aşk - Bütün Bölümler. 1:30. Khushi PLANS A SURPRISE for Arnav in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 23rd ust . Bir Garip Aşk - Bütün Bölümler. 1:37. Enough suddenly everyone hear loud angry voice all looked at e source it was none o er an arnav who came back from one of his important meeting and when he saw his family specially his di was asking better filling ears of khushi he got angry. Arnav covered e distance from pillar to sofa in just two long . 12,  · Arnav infront of Devi a do you accept Khushi as your wife and Khushi do you accept arnav as your husband tie e chain place e sin door in her hair and now for god sake take her to e hospital. We will complete e rest of e ceremonies as soon as possible as long as you two can stop fighting and being is stubborn. 13,  · Khushi stood on a ladder in e store room at e Raizada house looking rough old items in e loft. Her oughts went back to e conversation she had wi Arnav. When he had talked about his traumatic childhood incident she had wanted to comfort him. Hugging him had come naturally. But she didn’t know. Let me explain to you Khushi beta. e ing is, Arnav and I- Rakesh started. No need to explain, Rakeshji Arnav looked at Khushi, his gaze filled wi anger, hurt and betrayal. e one who should have explained chose to remain silent all is while. We do not have to answer to anyone. Arnav's intense gaze made Khushi shiver. 22,  · When silence between em stretches past minute, Arnav sighs. Please say some ing. He says, tired of is distance between em. Good night, sir. She says and offers him a polite smile. Suddenly, tears spring into his eyes and if Khushi is surprised to see it, she doesn’t show. Khushi, no. Arnav says, completely exhausted. Apr 11,  · Sammy is right, Khushi should atleast talk to Arnav. Khushi’s procrastination will break her heart. Khushi loves Arnav, Arnav is happy to know her break up wi Rohan. Arnav wants to take a chance in love, be him proposing khushi might clear misunderstandings. Anjali is Manav’s love. Circumstances were not in favor for is couple. Khushi too ided to strain out only good memories not any ing from past. And more over having a husband like Arnav and parents like Aarav Baba and Anita Maa it's not easy to be sad for long time. Arnav and Khushi ided to stay in Garima's room where Khushi can ga er her mo er's memories to treasure in future. Feb 16,  · Arnav pouts. Khushi grins in victory. But she can take tomorrow afternoon off? She tacks on, hesitantly. Arnav brightens up immediately. Khushi glares at her assistant. If she needs change of clo es, let me know. I will have em ready. Also if any reservations to be made or meetings need to be arranged. Arnav looks at e young woman. 11,  · en ano er and ano er each filled wi glitter and confetti. Arnav spied Khushi in e distance wi a catapult loading e next bomb. As his temper rose to boiling point wi in him he couldn’t help but admire her aim –she was one hell of a shot wi e catapult especially for a girl. 12,  · Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon News and Updates - Khushi & Arnav get ROMANTICALLY INVOLVED in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 2nd Apil . Bir Garip Aşk - Bütün Bölümler. 1:07. Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon News and Updates - Arnav s & Khushi s ROMANTIC HONEYMOON IN E HOUSE in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 27 ch . 26,  · I had read a OS at was post 2nd riage of Arshi, wherin Arnav returns home to see his wifetotally engrossed in watching e iconic toe curling Kajol SRK scene, from kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham, re chudis (bangels) and how Arnav mimes along wi SRK and seduces Khushi. loved is Os dont know who wrote it. here is e scene you can ford e first 1 minute if you want, ough I . 01,  · Glad to see Arnav and Khushi are trying to come back being comfortable wi each o er after Shashi's incidence and Loved how Khushi opened about her turmoil and what she feels seeing her fa er in at state. Nani is becoming nhty day by day wanting to bring Arnav and Khushi closer. Eager for e next one. Reply Delete. 27,  · Khushi firmly broke up wi Rohan. e rat managed to confuse Khushi. Arnav – Khushi’s relationship is fragile, so is knee jerk reaction from khushi. Shyam has some hidden agenda, he is laying trap at is for sure. Like Liked by 1 person. 08,  · ‘Tumhe haar manni padegi Khushi Ku i Gupta. Kyunki Arnav Singh Raizada kisi se haar nahi manta’ She claimed she was a cod, at she no longer had e will to fight, unae at Arnav Singh Raizada had lost long ago, long ago when he had realized e tru during e dark days he spent wi e kidnappers. 21,  · Arnav sighs in relief and bows his head to rest his forehead on e wall behind Khushi. For a long moment ey stand just like at. Khushi stops her mumbling. She’s in a trance like state, her brea heaving as she realises how close eir bodies were to each o er. She has no control over her heartbeats which are racing in breakneck speed. Apr 24,  · [SBS] Arnav Khushi Patch up and Off Screen Masti - 12 t - Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - Duration: 3:40. xIPKKNDSite1x 6,342,5 views. Apr 27,  · Arnav tolerated Khushi, as a child, en as a gawky teenager and en he hadn’t had to see her for a long time. university and his job came in e way. He was busy building his business empire. Time never stood still,it ched on unaes allowing Akash to returned from e states and work alongside Arnav. 15,  · Khushi glanced again at Arnav who was now smiling at Raghu as more people began to echo Raghuvesh’s words about him being e biggest opponent of ragging on campus. Enough! Arnav said at long last, Stop revenge ragging me now. He said grinning at his friends around as he struck his guitar isively and nodded at Raghuvesh. 24,  · Nandini ji! Khushi shouts suddenly from e distance. All e Raizadas stare at Khushi some in shock, some in curiosity. Arnav and Nandini wi draw eir hands from e hand shake. Khushi looks awkdly at all of em, suddenly having realised at she had actually shouted out loud. She consciously walks out to e courtyard to greet. Arnav was looking at Khushi wi unfa omable expressions. Arnav felt a wave of electricity ran down his spine, his brea ing accelerated, he felt like his heart started beating after 6 long years as he realized he is alone in e room wi Khushi and his eyes are directly connected wi e pair of most innocent, beautiful, hazel orbs.. Oh. Arnav's POV. My phone beeped.It was a text message from Khushi. Khushi: hey Arnav, are we meeting up today?Its been four days since I last saw you! Let me know if you are free is evening,we can meet after im done wi work. I sighed, but I quickly replied: Khushi, im busy today.Will call you later. My phone buzzed wi in a second.

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