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    Hair extensions style —what is the popular on  this year? It must be a good-looking wave head short hair.

Lead: If someone asks now: What human Hair extensions   style are popular this year! Then I will definitely complain that the short hair of this wave will definitely be popular this year.

If someone asks now: What hair extensions are popular this year! Then I will definitely complain that the short hair of the wave will definitely be popular this year.

It is said that this year’s popular pop-uphair extensions will be short-haired. Maybe some girls don’t believe it, but in fact, the good-looking style is definitely popular. Don’t believe it, let’s take a look at these good-looking Bobo head short hair pictures to see if these hair styles will be popular this year. .

Style 1

The side design not only can make the face slim, but also make the shape have asymmetrical beauty, while the inner buckle adds the sweetness of the wave head, it looks simple and stylish, just like the simple makeup is beautiful, and there is no problem in daily work, even if It is OK to go to the party with a dress.

hair extensions
hair extensions

Style 2

The laterally asymmetrical design makes the face look more solid and has a slimming effect. The short hair micro-scalding design increases visually, making the head shape look better. Finally, this bob is perfect with a nice hair extensions color.

hair extensions
hair extensions

 Style 3

The length of the slanted bangs to the outer corner of the eye can be used to modify the forehead, while at the same time it can highlight the beautiful eyes. The straight hair with the buckle is fresh and has a fan. With good clothes, you can easily hOLd to live in class and other occasions.


hair extensions
hair extensions

Style 4

There is no bangs straight hair buckle inside the wave head shape, the curvature of the inner buckle is more opaque than the previous one, and the tail trim is slightly more gradient and looks more energetic.

hair extensions
hair extensions

Style 5

Qi Liuhai length to the eye, with a straight hair wave head to easily modify the small face, highlighting the sister’s cute eyes, and then with maroon hair dye to add a sense of fashion, while letting the skin tone pink.

Style 6

A nine-point oblique bangs with short hair on both sides to modify the face, while also highlighting the bright eyes of the girl. The hairpin micro-volume design makes the hair style fuller, while making the shape look more chic, while the deep linen hair color can make the skin tone look whiter and tenderer.

Style 7

The bangs and the different levels of trimming at the end of the hair make this wave head feel more imposing. And the length is shorter, giving people a feeling of momentum and suitable for women in the workplace.

Style 8

The air bangs are fresh and sweet, and the tail-tail gradient creates a layer of wave heads. Suitable for women in the workplace and suitable for students.

Style 9

The thin, perm bangs feel like an angel’s wings, with a curly wave head, it looks super sweet. Coupled with maroon hair dye, the girl’s skin becomes whiter and tenderer.

Style 10

The lob hair extensions is a long version of the wave head, which will still be very popular this year. This lob hairstyle, hairy tail hairy design, looks full of personality, like a girl can try.



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